I am a biologist by education and proffession, working in past decade in area of marine science and education. However, from my teenage years I have been constantly drawn towards graphic design, theatre and visual arts. Since 2017, I have been a regular participant in events related to historical reenactment, which allowed me to start my adventure with portrait and event photography.

Although I have some proffesional experience and education in arts, I would like to emphasize that I am not a trained artist. My relationship to digital techniques has allowed me to enrich the information related to marine education during my professional activity. I love taking photos of people in nature as well as stunning fine fauna inhabiting forests and meadows.

I’m still on my quest to learn the secrets of photography and digital arts. Here I present just small portion of my portfolio. In my work, I consider beauty and ugliness equally appealing. I belive that in aging or exhaustion of human body there is much to be appreciated as it tells us more of the story, more truth than the „hearts and flowers” reality that overflows our digital and physical existence. And this truth facilitates healthy perspective on our world. I’m determined to catch genuine emotions in my photos.

This website will be developed over time with new findings of mine in the field of photography. It is as much a learning tool for me, as it is my motivation to continue this path in the future.

If you have any comments on my work, crtitical ones included, and you would like to share – please do so. If you like what I do and you would like my assistance in your project knowing my background and portfolio, please contact me through the contact form below. My permanent location is Gdańsk, Poland.

I much appreciate the time that you spend going through my work. Thank you for that. Also, if you would like to buy me a coffee – you can do so below. I will drink it!

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